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Answers to Your Google My Business and Google Maps Questions

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How to Recover Access to My Google My Business Listing

Losing access to your Google My Business Listing is an extremely stressful situation. One day, you’re minding your own business, updating Posts, responding to reviews, and optimizing your profile. The next day, you’re locked out and your password isn’t even the issue! Learn more about how to regain access to your profile in this guide.

How Do I Add an Analytics Tag to My Google My Business Page

Your Google My Business profile is a gateway to so much data about your business and the way potential customers are engaging with you. When combined with the power of Google Analytics, which tracks an extensive amount of data from your website, Google My Business becomes even more valuable.

What Is a Good Google My Business Description

A business description is a key element to your digital marketing strategy. Without getting too deep into the weeds, this description should work to tell potential customers wha your business offers, what makes it unique, and why they should do business with you instead of with your competitor.

How to Find Your Google My Business ID

Chances are that your Google My Business ID is probably totally unknown to you! Thankfully, there are only 4 steps you’ll need to take to find your GMB ID. Stay tuned to learn a little bit about what Google My Business IDs are, the 4 steps to finding your ID, and what Google My Business IDs are even used for.

How to Reply to Google My Business Messages

In this blog, you’ll learn about the five steps needed to reply to messages on Google My Business. Best of all, you can reply to GMB Messages from customers on your phone by using the Google My Business app.

How to Edit Your Google My Business Category

When selecting your Google My Business Category, it’s important to make sure that you’re selecting the most accurate choice possible. But, with over 3,000 categories, it can be difficult to narrow down the right option for your business.

What Are the Google My Business Categories

When trying to set up an optimize profile, it may feel like you’re caught wandering in the dark, haunted by the distant howls of competitors and potential customers – don’t worry! Through all my years of experience, I know exactly how important selecting the right business category is when it comes to getting in front of new customers.

What Is the Google My Business Video Size Limit

Videos are one of the best ways to show off your business – so it’s no wonder you’re out searching in the jungle for everything you need to know about adding videos to your Google My Business profile.

How to Share a YouTube Video on Google My Business

Youtube is the top video-sharing platform in the world. And Google is the top search engine in the world. Together? It sounds like a match made it heaven! Keep reading to learn more about the relationship between YouTube and Google My Business, and how you can share YouTube videos to Google My Business.