How to Batch Post to Google My Business

If you need to streamline your Google My Business experience, you may be wondering if you can schedule posts in advance. This is a common problem that business owners face when trying to streamline their digital marketing strategy – specifically the time it takes to manage Google My Business and frequent posting.

Here’s the truth: you cannot schedule batch Posts to Google My Business…at least not without an additional tool.

Scheduling Posts to Google My Business

In the past, you were able to select what days you’d like your Google My Business Posts to run. This would allow people to schedule Posts in advance.

While it wasn’t possible to select and share the Post across multiple locations, you were at least able to schedule out multiple Posts to one location at a time. 

However, Google did away with the scheduling features for GMB Posts. Instead, the only option available is to immediately publish the Post you are working on. 

The Best Solution to Batch Posts to Google My Business

Since Google My Business doesn’t support scheduled batched Posts, you’ll need to work on finding the best solution for your business. After all my years exploring this digital jungle, I’ve come to realize that there are only two real solutions out there.

Finding the right tool 

If you want to schedule your GMB Posts to go live without you needing to frequently check in and do the work yourself, one option is to find the right tool.

There are several organizations online that allow you to directly schedule GMB Posts through their platform. While every option is different, some will offer Analytics, support, and other features to help you manage your Google My Business profile as a whole.

While these tools can be helpful, it still requires someone from your organization to learn how to use the tool and regularly go in to create and schedule those Posts. This is important to keep in mind because these tools also come with a monthly fee, which can change depending on how many profiles you need to manage.

Tip from the Gorilla: when making a buying decision that impacts your digital marketing strategy, make sure to weigh out all the pros and cons of what your business needs to succeed on Google My Business. Google My Business posting tools can be a valuable asset, but only if you are able to continue dedicating enough time to managing the rest of your profile and adjusting your strategy accordingly.

Working with an expert team

While I may be a bit biased, I think one of the best options to manage your Google My Business and batch Posts is to work with an expert team.

Unlike signing up for a monthly tool to post GMB Posts and receiving no additional support, working with a team specialized in Google My Business will help you take your digital strategy to the next level. That’s because you will not only save up to 18 hours a month on your Google My Business management, but your profile will be in the best hands.

Working with a team like GMB Gorilla means that you have the king of the jungle working on your side, and that means you’d receive the highest standard of Posts and profile management.

Depending on the team that you choose to work with, you may receive monthly reports, monthly batches of Posts to approve, review management and responses, ongoing profile optimization, Q&A management, and more. GMB Gorilla offers all of this and more, making us an effective option for any business owner who is looking to save time and let the experts do the work while also being kept in the loop about the progress of their profile.

In other cases, you may be able to find a specialized team that can post your GMB Posts on a regular basis with no other services to manage the profile itself. This can be beneficial if you are only looking for support with that one feature, but it may not be the best option out there for most businesses.

Need Help? Ask the King

On average, we save business owners 18 hours a month by managing their Google My Business profile. But, really, that perk barely scratches the canopy. GMB Gorilla has the brawn and the brain needed to make sure you have a fully optimized profile – including expert-level GMB Posts and support! Let us help you. Learn more about our easy onboarding process and simple management package.

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