How to Ask for Google Reviews

Once you’ve prioritized Google review management, it’s time to dedicate the right amount of time and energy to get new reviews. You have so many options when it comes to asking your customers for their feedback. So, we’ll be going through some of the best choices that you have.

How to Ask for Google Reviews (4 Different Ways)

  1. Ask Your Customers for Reviews in Person
  2. Send Them a Text or Email
  3. Add a Request for Reviews to Your Cards, Menus, and Receipts
  4. Use an Online Review Management Tool

1. Ask Your Customers for Reviews in Person

When a customer is face-to-face with your team, it’s the perfect opportunity to ask for a Google review.

Adding in a request for a review into your usual check-out routine could work wonders when you want more reviews. 

So, work with your staff to run through multiple scenarios and ways that they could ask. Some may feel more comfortable asking directly for a review. Others may find it easier to ask a customer about their experience first. If they say they had a great experience with your business, your staff can ask for a review then.

No matter the circumstance, asking in person could be a great touch that invites people to leave a review. Just remember to let your staff know that they should be sending customers to your Google My Business listing.

2. Send Them a Text or Email

One of the most effective ways that you can ask for Google reviews is by sending your customers a text or an email. Even if you have asked them in-person, you can always benefit from a tech-savvy follow-up. Sending emails and text messages asking for a Google review allows your customer to leave a review right then and there on their device.

We have found that sending texts tends to generate more Google reviews, but you always have the option of sending them an email with a request as well. What you send them could also depend on what information you have on hand. If you only have a customer’s email address, don’t hold out to try and send them a text! The most important thing is simply asking. Thankfully, sending this request on a device they’re likely already logged into Google on is always a good idea.

3. Add Your Review Link to Your Receipts, Business Cards, and Other Items

Once you get your review profile link, it’s time to add that link to your receipts, business cards, and even signs around your checkout point. For this stage, it’s totally up to you how you’d like to display your link.

This is a great opportunity to remind your customers that you’d appreciate their feedback on Google. Customers can pull out your review card once they get home. Or they may remember to leave a review for you when they’re logging their expenses and see your review request on their receipt. With a shortened link, your customers can easily type in the URL in-store if they’d like.

4. Use an Online Review Management Tool to Ask for Reviews

The final step that you can take is to add your review link into your review solicitation tool. This will allow you to use your tool to directly link customers to your profile and send your requests in bulk.

Texting and emailing customers manually works well. However, many businesses find it easiest to use a tool to start sending these requests to many customers at once. With the right link, you can direct them to the right profile with ease.

No matter what option you choose, or if you go with a combination of these choices, make sure you’re being consistent. Customers are more likely to leave a review if you just ask, so build up the habit of asking for reviews and you’ll start seeing results.

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