How to Create a Google Review Link

One of the most important things for a business owner to understand is how people discover their business online. For a lot of people, that first step begins with a Google search, and when your business pops up in search results, the next step a person takes will probably be to read your Google reviews.  So having your business listed on Google is imperative to growing your customer base and giving more exposure to your online business reviews, and creating a Google Review Link will help you do just that. 

Here are the steps to create a Google Review Link: 

  1. Identify Your Google Place ID
  2. Use Your Google Place ID to Create Your Google Review Link
  3. Test Your Google Review Link

Use the following detailed process for a step-by-step look:

The following guide is designed for if your business is already listed on Google. If it isn’t yet, it’s available as a free service through Google My Business

1. Identify Your Google Place ID by using the Google Place Identifier Tool.  

Your Google Place ID is a unique identifier for your specific business in the Google Places database and on Google Maps. Place IDs are available for things like businesses, landmarks, parks, and intersections. 


2. Type in the name of your business in the “Enter a location” search bar. 

uPns6NJc93fz5A7pjAJx6h8fEcGgs7uL3 nI2OlJVUeGypTXGDQd3o01RprC27hFGRzYrsPA2jk9ZtH0TjqzuYFWdmZM t8WNZvq4NtQ2

3. Find your Place ID underneath your business name. 

jJgLKsVMVexpZiV zWL7O7mpZaNLPed5gTBlxdJhFbx3 CUNGO Ek3kbS2siOuobCzBKxIdAY O a5qrLM7heOCjCpWCM98gygRbsUnDd0euRHbUvJ7cQ9U16XYgAHeWLy23KeTT

4. Highlight your Place ID and copy and paste it into the following link below. 

You’ll want to completely replace the <place_id> section with your unique identifier code.<place_id>

So using the example above, the complete link would be:

When you use this link on your website or emails you send out to your customers, it will directly link them to exactly where they need to go to leave your business a review on Google. 

5. Test Your Review Link

Before you start sending your link out or posting to your website, make sure you test it in your browser to make sure that it works. When copying and pasting your ID it can be easy to accidentally leave out a character or cut off part of the link.

When a customer navigates to the link, they’ll see the following: 

CyMan4AcnRgP8nqfN8qhvjB KV9rR I

Once someone is on your Google My Business page they’ll be able to rate your business on a five-star system, write a review, and share any photos. 

It’s important for you to understand the experience of your customers as they interact with your business, and leaving a review allows you to do just that. So be sure to ask customers to leave an honest review and you can take it one step further and ask them if there is anything you could improve on or do differently in order to make a future experience that much better.

So the more reviews, the better your business!

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