How to Request Video Verification of Your Google My Business Listing

Throughout my years ruling this digital jungle, I’ve heard a lot of howls in the night about how frustrating it can be to verify a business on Google. 🙊

Postcards can sometimes take ages to come in the mail – if they show up at all. Google My Business decides the domain name of the business email they approve for email verification. You may have an automated phone system that’s difficult to turn off when your phones are constantly ringing from customers calling, making phone verification a no-go.

Out of all these options, many business owners come out of the woodwork to ask me about video verification.

Especially these days, video verification sounds easier than ever! However, Google My Business has a few hang ups that may make video verification more of a pain than other methods.

Here are the details on Google My Business Video Verification:

What is Video Verification?

Google My Business video verification is one of the many profile verification methods out there. Using this option, business owners will set up an appointment to connect with a Google My Business Representative on video chat.

During your appointment, you’ll have to use your phone’s camera to walk the Rep through your business. They may require you to show the outside of your business to check your address and business name. You may need to show interior signage in your business and a few official documents that verify your organization too.

Your video verification appointment should take under 15 minutes. While this is still relatively quick, it’s the most time consuming verification method.

How to Get Video Verification?

Before determining which verification options to offer you, Google My Business reviews several factors. 

GMB will take into account your business’s industry, the level of spam in your industry, your location, and whether or not you have a service area or hybrid business. 

While this isn’t a perfect system, GMB will offer you a range of verification options based on this. So, you may only be able to verify by postcard or you may be able to take your pick between using postcard, phone, and email verification. 

The fact is that video verification isn’t commonly offered. I have frequently seen video verification only become an option when other methods have failed repeatedly. In some cases, this happens when a business is located in a brand new shopping plaza where the address isn’t matching up with anything available on Google Maps.

If you’re struggling with verifying your business, we recommend submitting a ticket to Google My Business to try and set up a video verification appointment. 

The Most Common Ways to Verify Your Business on GMB

While video verification may sound like the easiest way to verify your business, it’s not an option that’s available for everyone. To help you better understand the verification process, I’ve put together a list of the top 4 most common ways to verify your business on GMB.


Overall, the most common (and easiest) way to verify your business is through a phone call. When this option is available, the phone number that’s linked to your profile will show up and you can have a robocall sent over.

When you pick up this call, you’ll hear a short message and then receive a numerical code to enter into Google My Business. Make sure you’re close to a computer or phone with the GMB App so that you can enter that code quickly. It expires after just a few minutes!

Don’t worry, though. If your code expires, you can always send another code over.

Text Message

In some cases, we’ve seen businesses get the option to use text message verification. Most commonly, this works really well if your business phone number can also receive text messages!

Using this method, you’ll still receive a numerical code to enter into Google My Business. As with phone verification, this code will expire after a few minutes so make sure to enter it into GMB quickly.


By far, the most common method that people use to verify their Google My Business profile is via postcard. With this option, Google My Business will send a postcard to the business address associated with your profile.

Google My Business notes that it may take between 5-7 days for the postcard to arrive at your business. Just keep in mind that this isn’t always the case. I’ve personally worked with hundreds of businesses who have had to send out multiple postcards and wait an extended period of time to verify their profile!

The postcard will also contain a numerical code that you’ll enter into GMB to finish verifying your profile. Unlike the other verification methods, there isn’t a short time limit to this code – though I still recommend verifying your profile as soon as the postcard comes in.


Email is another common method that businesses use to verify their GMB profiles. This method is a little different from the others in this list since Google My Business will come up with a domain name that they’d accept.

For example, if your company is named “Williams Dentistry,” Google My Business may come up with “” as the domain name. However, if that businesses actually uses “,” they won’t be able to use email verification.

If Google did guess the right domain name for your email address, you’ll be able to direct it to a specific person at your organization! So, whether you want to send the verification to “” or “,” you’ll be able to get the email at that address!

Lost in the Jungle? Let the Gorilla Help You

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