How to Use Google My Business Posts

Google My Business Posts are one of my favorite things about GMB! In a world where everything costs money (or bananas if you live in the jungle like me), free advertising space is hard to come by.

Learning how to use Google My Business Posts is an invaluable skill that will let you make the most out of this free tool so that you can get a leg up on the competition and better connect with your potential customers.

Keep reading to learn more about Google My Business Posts and how to use them on your profile.

What is a Google My Business Post

Think of Google My Business Posts as free advertising opportunities. Using Posts, you can share news, updates, events, specials, promos, service features, and other important information about your business! 

According to Google, Posts allow you to ‘connect with existing and potential customers through your Business Profile on Google Search and Maps through posts” because “you can create and share announcements, offers, new or popular items in stock, or event details directly with your customers.”

The benefits of this tool are pretty clear:

  • You’ll be able to communicate with your potential customers
  • You can improve your customer experience
  • You can continue to update your profile with timely information
  • You can promote promos, events, news, and other important information
  • You can build engagement with existing and potential customers by sharing photos and videos relevant to your business

By combining great copy with an eye-catching video or photo, and a link with Analytics tracking, you’ll be able to make the most out of your Google My Business Posts.

How to Use Google My Business Posts

Now that you know a little more about what GMB Posts are and how they benefit your business, setting them up is easy! Just follow these 8 steps and you’ll have your first Post up in no time.

1. Log into your Google My Business profile

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Tip from the Gorilla: Don’t have a GMB profile yet to log into? Check out this blog to learn how to claim your business on Google My Business, this guide on how to get your business listed on Google Maps, or contact us for expert help setting up your account!

2. Click the “Posts” tab

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3. Select the type of Post you want to share

Depending on the type of Post you want to share, the information you can enter will change. Thankfully, Google My Business lets you select from a few different options to best share your information.

4. Upload your image or video

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Tip from the Gorilla: Make sure that any images you use for GMB Posts are sized properly. If you use an incorrectly sized image, you may end up with something that gets awkwardly cut off!

5. Enter your content


6. Include a link or other CTA

GMB allows you to select from several call to action options for each Post. Make sure you take the time to determine which one will work best for the type of post you are sharing. The CTA categories you’ll have access to include:

  • Book
  • Order Online
  • Buy
  • Learn more
  • Sign Up
  • Call Now

Tip from the Gorilla: Don’t forget to add an Analytics Tag to your links so you can gather more information! Click here to learn more about this feature.

7. Click “Publish”

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Lost in the Jungle? Let the King of the Jungle Help You

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