Local SEO Audit

Introducing Hand Crafted Local SEO Audits

With our Local SEO Audit and Action Plans you will get a complete audit of your online performance, covering everything from technical elements to your social media presences, with a full plan of action to improve your current website’s position. This is not a report that a piece of software created – every local SEO audit is hand crafted by a local SEO expert with years of experience!

What Makes Our Local SEO Audit Different?

Savvy executives and marketers don’t rely on free local SEO audits or software tools to figure out what’s working and what’s not – they turn to GMB Gorilla.

With GMB Gorilla, you get a professional SEO audit performed by an experienced consultant who is an expert in Local SEO.

We will utilize our experience, proprietary tools, and industry leading software to diagnose your issues and give you the right information to improve your rankings.

The Local SEO Audit and Action Plan Process

In less than 10 business days GMB Gorilla search engineers and consultants go through an exhaustive process to inspect, analyze, evaluate your website and internet marketing efforts in order to inform you of issues and opportunities for growth.

1. Gather Your Business Information

2. We Conduct a 100 Point Local SEO Inspection

3. We Review Your Local SEO Audit Data

4. We Create the Local SEO Audit Report

5. We Create the Local SEO Action Plan

6. We Discuss the Local SEO Audit and Action Plan With You