What Is Store Code in Google My Business

How to Find Your GMB Store Code

Learning More About Your GMB Store Code

Google My Business is chock-full of little features and details that can be easy to miss. If you’re working hard to fully optimize your GMB profile, you may have noticed something called a “Store Code.”

If you’re not 100% sure about what the store code does on GMB, don’t worry. Plenty of people are looking to the king of the jungle for answers! So, stay tuned for a breakdown of what the store code means and what it does.

What Store Code Means on Google My Business

Google My Business states that a store code can be “any unique identifier can be a store code. A store code can be anything from the name of a place to a random number, as long as it stays the same to refer to that location.”

The store code is not visible to the public – it’s only something that you would see once you log into your GMB Profile.

What is the GMB Store Code Used For?

Your GMB store code doesn’t serve a very straightforward purpose. It isn’t visible to the public, and the feature itself doesn’t automatically connect to other elements of your digital strategy. Instead, most business owners use store codes to identify your location while you run local inventory advertisements

Google has a helpful article on what local inventory ads are, but here’s what you need to know:

“The local products inventory feed is a list of the products you sell in each store. Some attributes are required for all items, some are required for certain types of items, and others are recommended…. Inventory price and quantity can change frequently and on a store-by-store basis. Use incremental feeds to make quick updates to inventory data.”

Since inventory changes from store to store, Google My Business actually requires a store code as an attribute for your required inventory details. 

So, if this is something that your business is pursuing, keep reading to learn more about how to see your store code or add a new one!

How to See Your Store Code on Google My Business

Even though store codes aren’t visible to the public, it can be an important way to distinguish profiles for your records. There are two ways to view your store code from your profile.

First, you can view it on the Manage Locations page:

store code on location pg

You can also view your store code in your profile. To get there, log into your GMB profile and click on the “Info” tab.

info tab

Once you’re in the Info tab, you’ll see a section called “Advanced” information. There, you’ll be able to see your store code and update it easily!

advanced info store code2

Need to Add a GMB Store Code?

If you didn’t see a store code on your Manage Locations page or in the Advanced Information section of your Info tab, a store code was never assigned to your profile. Don’t worry, though! Adding a store code to your profile won’t make you bang on your chest in frustration – it’s a really easy process.

1. Navigate to the Info tab of your profile.

info tab

2. Find the Advanced Information section and click the pencil icon to enter a store code.

enter store code

3. Enter a store code

This can be a word, number, or a combination of letters and numbers. Since many businesses have different ways of organizing their business information, chances are you can make your store code on GMB match how you are categorizing that location in your other documents.

create store code

4. Apply the New Store Code

Once you’ve entered the code you want to use, simply click the Apply button to save this change!

apply store code

5. Confirm the Update

Once you’ve saved the store code, you’ll be able to immediately see this updated on your website. First, the Advanced Information section of your profile will now display the store code.

store code added

You’ll also be able to go to your Manage Locations page and see the store code updated there as well!

store code visible on locations pg

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