What Are the Google My Business Categories

As of 2021, the vast majority of businesses are listed on Google My Business – even if the business owner didn’t create a profile themselves! With millions of businesses across the globe each getting their own listing with online reviews, locations, and other information, Google My Business uses business categories to help sort through all of their data when creating their Local Pack and SERPs.

When trying to set up an optimize profile, it may feel like you’re caught wandering in the dark, haunted by the distant howls of competitors and potential customers – don’t worry! Through all my years of experience, I know exactly how important selecting the right business category is when it comes to getting in front of new customers.

In this blog, I’ll take you through all of the most important information about Google My Business Categories so that you can make the best choice for your business.

What are the Google My Business Categories?

Google My Business Categories are used to identify your business whenever someone makes a search. It’s a pretty simple concept: the category for The Gorilla’s Banana Bakery would be Bakery. 

Thankfully, there are over 3,000 business categories you can select from on Google My Business. That means that you can get really specific about your business and the services it provides.

Let’s say The Gorilla’s Banana Bakery is a specialized bakery. Well, you don’t have to list your primary business category as a plain ol’ bakery. Google My Business also offers Wholesale Bakery, Chinese Bakery, and Wedding Bakery as categories that you can pick!

Since there are so many businesses out here in the digital jungle, Google My Business has created a pretty extensive list of categories that you can select from. I mean, there are even categories for Willow Basket Manufacturer, Scale Repair Service, Fish and Chips Takeaway, and Tea Wholesaler. 

So, as you’re going through the process of selecting your business category on GMB, take the time to sort through all of your options to select the primary category that best fits your business.

Why are Business Categories Important?

Selecting the right business category can make or break your profile. Whenever someone makes a search on Google, the little monkeys that power the world’s largest search engine have their work cut out for them. They need to look at the searcher’s locations, the keywords they used, the businesses that match their search, the reviews and rankings for those businesses, and so forth.

In order to make this process easier, Google My Business uses business categories to eliminate businesses that are irrelevant to the search. That’s why getting specific about your primary business category is a great way to make sure that your potential customers can get connected with your profile!

While selecting Bakery vs Wedding Bakery won’t leave you stranded with your head in the sand, you’d be better off selecting Wedding Bakery as your primary category if that is what you do best! That way, when someone is searching for a baker to make their wedding cake, your business is much more likely to rank #1. 

Selecting More Than One Business Category

Many businesses offer more than one service or have more than one specialty. So Google My Business has made things even easier for you by giving you the option to select a Primary Business Category as well as Additional Categories. 

That way, you can select Wedding Bakery as your primary, but Bakery and Wholesale Bakery too if that best suits your business!

To update your business category and select additional categories, these are the 7 steps you’ll need to follow:

Step 1: Log into Your Profile

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Tip from the Gorilla: Don’t have a GMB profile yet to log into? Check out this blog to learn how to claim your business on Google My Business, this guide on how to get your business listed on Google Maps, or contact us for expert help setting up your account!

Step 2: Select “Info”

Step 3: Review Your Current Business Categories

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Step 4: Click the Pencil “Edit” Icon

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Step 5: Select Your Business’s Primary Category

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Step 6: Add Additional Categories

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Step 7: Click “Apply” to Save Your Business Categories

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Lost in the Jungle? Let the Gorilla Guide You Through

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