What Is My Google My Business URL

How to Find Your Google My Business URL (Video Guide)

Learning All About your GMB URL

Much like marking your territory in the jungle, everything on the web has its own turf – known as a URL. Each URL is unique and allows users to reach a page quickly and easily with just one click.

To make sure that your potential customers know the easiest path they need to take to find your business, keep reading this guide to learn about the 3 steps you’ll need to take to share your profile. Then, stay tuned to hear about the top 3 places to share your Google My Business listing URL!

What is a Google My Business URL?

Your Google My Business URL functions in the exact same way. It allows users to reach your Google My Business listing with just one click whenever you give them the link. 

If your business is part of a larger chain, or there are different locations within your city, your Google My Business profile URL becomes even more important. By sharing your profile, you’ll be cutting out the possibility of a potential customer finding another location and going there instead.

For all organizations, adding a link to the GMB profile in their social media posts, website, and across the web is a great way to connect potential customers with vital business information and online reviews.

3 Steps to Get Your Google My Business URL

Getting your Google My Business URL is one of the easiest things to do on your profile. Seriously – there’s only 3 steps you’ll need to take. 😎

Step 1: Log Into Your Google My Business Profile

Tip from the Gorilla: Don’t have a GMB profile yet to log into? Check out this blog to learn how to claim your business on Google My Business, this guide on how to get your business listed on Google Maps, or contact us for expert help setting up your account!

Step 2: Select “Share your Business Profile” 

Tip from the Gorilla: If you want to see what your profile looks like in action, you can click “View on Search” and “View on Maps.” The link you can get from “View on Maps” can also be very helpful to most organizations.

Step 3: Copy the Link!

The Top 3 Places to Share Your GMB Profile URL

When you’re ready to share your Google My Business profile URL, there are three places you should definitely consider first.

1. Social Media

One of the best ways to share your GMB URL and spread the word about your profile is to include it with your social media posts. Whether you’re trying to push users to leave a review about their experience with your business, sharing your great GMB reviews to help people make a buying decision with you, or just want to share your information – this link is invaluable.

2. Your Website

Sharing your Google My Business profile URL on your website is a great way to link users to a profile that they can use to get directions to your business, call you, and read online reviews.

Some organizations will even embed their GMB profile in Maps onto their Contact Us or Locations pages for easier access.

3. Your Location

While most people think of the digital jungle as a totally separate universe to the real world – it’s also useful to share your Google My Business URL in your location! Some business owners choose to print business cards that include instructions on how to leave a Google review by going to their GMB URL.

In other cases, some organizations will print posters or decals that promote their five-star rating on Google with their URL visible too. 

Lost in the Jungle? Let the Gorilla Guide You Through

If you want to make the most out of your Google My Business, make sure that you’re sharing your GMB profile link whenever possible! For more support, let the Gorilla guide you to the top of the food chain. Learn more about our easy onboarding process and simple management package.