Why is my Google business listing suspended?

Uh, why is my Google business listing suspended?

Google My Business — now called Google Business Profile (GBP) — is a service for companies that deal with customers in person. The service allows businesses to manage their public information, such as their hours of operation and contact details, on Google Search and Maps.

Your Google business listing may be suspended for a variety of reasons. Maybe you used an ineligible address for your business. Perhaps you stuffed too many keywords into your business name field. Wrong profile types and duplicate listings are also common causes of suspensions.

Suspensions are often not obvious, and sometimes they are not your fault. Don’t scream like a howler monkey if you believe your listing was suspended in error. Keep reading to find out why your profile got suspended and what you can do to resolve any issues.

What Is a Google Business Profile suspension?

Google Business Profile suspensions involve your business listing being removed from Google Maps and the search results. Your business profile will still exist, but it will be unsearchable, and you will not be able to edit or manage it.

Most profiles will be suspended at least once, so don’t feel like a criminal if it happens to you. It’s not the end of the world, and it’s usually easy to fix any issues that caused the suspension.

Types of Google Business Profile listing suspensions

The type of suspension you receive will impact what you need to do to get the listing reinstated. 

Hard Suspensions

During a hard suspension, your business listing is completely removed from Google Business Profile. This suspension type is usually permanent and can only be appealed by contacting Google support.

Soft Suspensions 

With a soft suspension, your business listing is still searchable on Google but is marked “unverified,” and you cannot manage its contents. This type of suspension can be lifted by following the instructions on the Google Business Profile help page.

Common reasons for Google Business Profile listing suspensions

The potential reasons for your suspension are widely varied. Examples include:

  • You listed an ineligible business address
  • You stuffed your business name field with keywords
  • You created multiple profiles for the same business
  • Your business is in a high-risk category (e.g., locksmiths, lawyers, gambling)
  • More than one company is registered at your business address
  • The link in your profile directs users to an unanticipated landing page
  • You listed the wrong profile type (physical address for a service area company)
  • Your business is online only
  • Your business address is a PO box or a virtual office
  • Your business information is inconsistent on different sites and directories
  • Your profile contains fake reviews
  • You used a fake business name, address, or phone number
  • Your email address’ domain does not match your website’s domain
  • You changed profile information and did not re-verify
  • You listed a non-existent business address
  • Your business hours are incorrectly listed as 24/7
  • You transferred profile ownership without notifying Google
  • A profile manager was suspended, and this got your profile suspended
  • Your profile was flagged as spam

There are many more reasons your profile might get suspended, but these are some of the most common.

Bugs related to Google Business Profiles

Google frequently changes the algorithm that finds data in its search index and returns answers to user queries. These changes can cause issues when they are first released, including causing Google Business Profile records to be suspended for no reason.

Another common bug involves reviews that are not posted. This bug often manifests with the review visible to the user who wrote it but not displayed to anyone else.

Approximately one percent of profiles reinstated after a suspension encounter a reintegration loop. This bug is not something a chimp eats for dinner but instead describes the process of receiving another suspension immediately after your profile goes back online.

Reintegration loops used to happen when a company listed a UPS or FEDEX dropbox as a business address, but now they occur randomly. This issue is rare, but keep it in mind.

A less common bug involves Google removing services from a profile and adding services the listed company does not provide. This bug can really monkey with a business. 

Google usually releases a statement as soon as it learns of an issue. These bugs are typically fixed quickly, and you should only notify Google if it has not acknowledged the problem. Repeatedly requesting a resolution will not have an impact.

How can I fix my suspended Google Business Listing?

If your profile is suspended, resist the urge to submit a reinstatement request immediately. First, you need to fix any problems with your profile and business that led to the suspension.

Follow Google’s terms of service

When you don’t know why your profile was suspended, look at the email Google sent informing you of suspension. This message will sometimes hint at why your profile was suspended. If it’s not clear, you next step is to go over the Google Business Profile terms of service.

Think about items in your profile that could be flagged as violations. The common reasons for suspension we listed above are a good place to start and address.

File for reinstatement

Once you have changed your profile to be in compliance, you should file for reinstatement. If you believe your profile was suspended by mistake, you can appeal the decision by filling out a reinstatement form without making any changes.

You must sign into your Google account first, then select the profile, and then fill out the form. Be detailed when explaining why you believe your listing should be reinstated. You will want to make sure you supply documents such as business licenses, lease or ownership agreements, as well as supporting imagery to verify the details you supplied.

Note: Don’t create another listing or multiple reinstatement requests. This action will just confuse Google and could delay your reinstatement.

Contact Google Support

If it’s been two weeks and there’s no response, try contacting Google Business Profile support. Provide all the information you can, like links to your website and social media profiles, as well as any other information that could be relevant.

You may be asked to prove business ownership, especially if you received a hard suspension. Be prepared to provide documents, such as a business license or utility bill and photos of your storefront or business directory.

Other steps you may need to take

If you have multiple listings for your business, make sure each one complies with Google’s guidelines. You can have only one verified listing per business category at each physical location.

Should you need to delete or merge duplicate listings, sign in to your Google Business Profile and follow these instructions. When you own or manage more than ten locations, you can request bulk deletion of listings.

Reinstating a suspended Google Business Profile takes time

Be patient. Reinstating a suspended Google Business Profile listing can take time, especially as you wait for Google to review your submission. While you are waiting, ensure your website and other online profiles are up-to-date and accurate.

If you are having trouble getting reinstated, don’t give up. You can appeal a reinstatement decision, although after a few tries there is a chance a Google gives a final decision of no. You can also use our Google Business Profile Suspension Service to save you time and frustration.

If this happens, you can still promote your business via local SEO and Google ads until such time you have a location that can be properly verified. Focus on creating quality content that accurately represents your business, products, and services. With a little effort, you can build an online presence that attracts customers and helps your business thrive.

Google Business Profile suspensions are common

Google suspensions are common and can be caused by many different things. Most suspensions are resolved within two weeks, but fixing any problems with your profile is essential before submitting a reinstatement request. 

To increase your chances of reinstating your profile, provide as much information as possible to Google Business Profile support.

Contact GMB Gorilla today about our Google Business Profile Suspension Service to work with a team of experts who will do everything possible to get your Google business profile reinstated. Our team deals with Google daily, so we know what to say and what actions to take. Grab this opportunity and talk to GMB Gorilla immediately!

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