How to Delete Photos from Google My Business

You’ve finally doubled down on your Google strategy and created a Google My Business listing — congrats! Now it’s time to optimize your listing and make it as attractive as possible. The age of social media, specifically Instagram, took over the internet and changed how we view businesses online. What are we talking about? Photos, of course!

To make the post of Photos on Google My Business you’ll need to frequently upload new photos and solicit quality customer photos on your page. However, you’ll also need to delete photos from your profile if they aren’t up to par. Learn how to delete photos off your GMB Profile and we’ll also walk you through how to delete customer uploaded photos!

Deleting poor images from your GMB profile

We’ve all seen weird, obscure, blurry images uploaded to a business on Google before. Hey, art is subjective, right? Well, when it comes to business it’s just… bad business. 

Delete those suckers before they take over the quality photos that you upload. 

If you want to learn about how you can delete customer uploaded photos, here’s how you do it:

1. Log in to your Google My Business profile

2. Go to your photos section

photos section

3. Click the trash icon, and remove photos accordingly!

trash icon

Keeping quality photos on your Google My Business listing

Don’t go overboard on purging your profile of photos — you want to keep the good ones! It shows your business is popular and people enjoy it enough to upload their own photos. It can also serve as a platform for you to showcase new products, popular products, or cool and unusual products that make your business stand out!

For example, this unique bar, Pinky’s Rooftop, specializes in a fun and quirky vibe paired with specialty drinks and desserts.

pinkys lounge image

These images effectively show off the decor of the rooftop bar, as well as the fun apps and drinks! It can easily convince anyone to try it out over the Buffalo Wild Wings next door. You can showcase your business’s unique value in your business description, because, as they say: a picture speaks a thousand words!

How to Delete Customer Uploaded Images

Promoting that your customers post photos of their visit to your organization is super important. But it may have you screaming from the top of the trees if they upload a blurry, bad, or inaccurate photo.

If you’ve noticed that an unwanted image was uploaded to your profile by a customer, you may be wondering how to delete that photo asap.

Unfortunately, deleting a customer uploaded photo isn’t as easy as it is to delete a photo you uploaded to your profile. 

The best way to get a customer uploaded photo removed is: 

Search for your business on Google

1. Open your profile and navigate to Images

2. Click on the photo you want to remove

At this point,  you can also confirm that this is indeed a customer uploaded photo by looking for a name in the top left corner of the image.

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3. Select the Flag icon to report the photo

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4. Select the reason this photo should be deleted

Unlike when you report reviews, Google My Business gives you the chance to submit more information about why the photo should be removed.

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As you can see, you’ll be able to choose between common reasons like poor quality or not a photo or video of the place. You can enter more information by selecting “other” and describe why the photo should be removed.

Other reasons, like the photo being offensive, hateful, or sexually explicit, copyright or legal issues, or privacy concerns, are also valid reasons to report a photo for removal!

Uploading new photos — it’s worth it!

Don’t let your profile get stale, you have to upkeep it and manage new photos on your listing. A lot of the time, this means uploading them yourself as a business owner. 

You can take advantage of this by filling your profile with great photos of popular events, team or customer features, and products that make your business special. You can also advertise a new or seasonal product by posting great photos that drive excitement to your profile and business!

Check in on your logo and cover image while you’re at it

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Tip from the Gorilla: Don’t forget to have a great looking icon as your profile photo, and an on-brand cover photo! If you don’t like what you see, delete it and upload a better logo and cover image! This helps add to the overall aesthetic of your profile, but more importantly, helps customers recognize your profile as your business. 

Don’t forget about managing your videos!

While you’re in there updating and deleting photos from your profile, don’t forget about videos. 

Posting videos to your Google My Business profile is another great way to optimize your profile. However, if a customer posts a video of them slipping on a banana peel in your business – you may want to delete it even if it can happen to the best of us!

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Instead, focus on keeping appealing videos. For example, this quick video showcases Pinky’s extremely popular raspberry champagne and dry ice cocktail. By uploading this, they’re not only putting out an attractive product, but they’re making their specialty cocktails stand out even more. 

Need some help with photo upkeep? 

Routinely reviewing, purging, uploading, and soliciting new photos can be exhausting. Luckily, we’re here to swing on in and pick up the slack. Learn more about our Google My Business management services.

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