How to Enable Q&A on My GMB

Google is designed to be as easy as possible to use. You won’t need to go cutting through the jungle with a machete to enable Q&As on your Google My Business listing because it’s a built-in function. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to put some muscle into it to make Q&As work for your business.

If you want to learn how to enable Q&A on your GMB profile, you’re in the right place. As the king of the jungle, I didn’t climb all the way up to the top without knowing a thing or two about the importance of Q&As.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to enable Q&As on your profile:

  1. Nothing!

Okay, well maybe it is that simple – but that doesn’t mean you won’t need to put in some elbow grease into making Q&As work for you.

Q&As on Google My Business

The Questions and Answers feature on Google My Business was launched in August of 2017. Since then, business owners have been slower to pick up on the perks of using Q&As as a part of their digital strategy.

One of the top reasons that more business owners aren’t taking advantage of Q&As is that this feature isn’t accessible from the GMB platform or app.

Unlike Reviews, you can’t just click on a tab to post and answer Q&As. Instead, you’ll need to add Q&As to your profile in a separate process.

That is why, while you don’t need to hit a button to enable Google My Business Q&As, it’s not a feature most people take advantage of.

Tip from the Gorilla: Always look for situations that reinforce your status as the top of the food chain! Making Q&As a part of your GMB strategy will give potential customers more information to base their business decision off of. 

Using GMB Q&As to Your Advantage

While you will need to go through several steps to post and respond to Q&As on your profile, there are a lot of things you should keep in mind first.

Think about the Q&As on your profile as an important information resource. Your answers should help potential customers move along the buyer’s journey. Be sales-oriented with your responses and sell why your business is worth their attention!

Take a look at this example:

great gmb qa response

Instead of simply stating yes, this business owner took this question as an opportunity to show that they prioritize their patients and support them with medicine, technology, and medicine. Posting an optimized answer like this will give users a really good idea of what your business is all about.

To make the most out of GMB Q&As, remember that the Google algorithm takes keywords into account when creating SERPs. If you are posting questions that match what your target audience is searching for, and then share a great response, you may score a few extra SEO points in Google’s book.

That means that you will need to be very strategic about the questions and answers that you post. Take the time to curate a list that includes real frequently asked questions that you hear from customers and information-oriented questions that will proactively answer questions that may be lurking in a potential customer’s mind.

When you are writing out your responses, make sure to include valuable keywords when possible. Don’t be a monkey’s uncle and keyword stuff your questions and answers, instead try adding in the phrase “the best sushi in downtown Chicago” if someone asks why they should pick your sushi restaurant over one owned by your competitor.

Let the Gorilla Do His Job

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