What Do Posts on Google My Business Do

Google My Business Posts are one of the best ways to share information about your business. Due to their highly visible placement on Google SERPs and on your GMB profile, many organizations are taking advantage of Posts to connect with their existing and potential customers. Learn more about what Posts can do for your business in this guide!

How to Add Virtual Tour to Google My Business

When a virtual tour is featured on a Google My Business profile, it changes the entire tone of that user’s browsing experience. Instead of relying on photos and reviews, they can literally take a “walk” through your business.

How to Edit Posts On Google My Business

If you’re reading this guide, you probably need a little help editing a Post on Google My Business. The good news is that you’re actively posting on Google My Business – which is fantastic. The even better news is that editing your Post is really easy!

How Much More Legitimacy Does Having a Google My Business Page Add to a Company

With millions of businesses managing their websites, Google My Business profiles, social media profiles, and listings on other major review platforms, legitimacy can make all the difference to a potential customer. At the same time, many businesses are more busy than ever and managers may be looking for an easy way to save time – often by neglecting their Google My Business profile.

How Long Does It Take for Google to Update My Business Edits

Updating your Google My Business profile is a really important factor in continually managing and optimizing the information that existing and potential customers can see. Understandably, a lot of business owners come to see my sage advice about exactly how long it takes for those edits to go live! Learn more about publishing edits to your GMB in this quick guide.

How to Use Google My Business Posts

Google My Business Posts are one of my favorite things about GMB! In a world where everything costs money (or bananas if you live in the jungle like me), free advertising space is hard to come by. Learning how to use Google My Business Posts is an invaluable skill that will let you make the most out of this free tool so that you can get a leg up on the competition and better connect …

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How to Recover Access to My Google My Business Listing

Losing access to your Google My Business Listing is an extremely stressful situation. One day, you’re minding your own business, updating Posts, responding to reviews, and optimizing your profile. The next day, you’re locked out and your password isn’t even the issue! Learn more about how to regain access to your profile in this guide.

How Do I Add an Analytics Tag to My Google My Business Page

Your Google My Business profile is a gateway to so much data about your business and the way potential customers are engaging with you. When combined with the power of Google Analytics, which tracks an extensive amount of data from your website, Google My Business becomes even more valuable.

What Is a Good Google My Business Description

A business description is a key element to your digital marketing strategy. Without getting too deep into the weeds, this description should work to tell potential customers wha your business offers, what makes it unique, and why they should do business with you instead of with your competitor.